artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond It's My Law

Image shown: Kidnapping Act 2 by Raynieri
I used a background from National Geographic and added the Family Court Law by translating different words and statements to my own. I used tape and scissors to create my own interpretation of Family Court rules. I hope this collage inspires teenagers to be open minded about their ideas.

This altered book was made collaboratively by youth in Artistic Noise's Bronx Art Therapy Probation Program.

In support of growing efforts to improve the service and court user experience in Family Court, Artistic Noise is partnering with the Bronx Family Court to enrich the Family Court's public areas and courtrooms with visual art created by youth with firsthand experience of the court's juvenile justice system. This altered book was created as a part of this project. The youth involved in Artistic Noise's Art Therapy program, all of whom have spent a lot of time at the Bronx Family Court, took the main text used in New York State's Family Courts, Family Law: Family Court Act, and through an in depth artistic process altered the book to create It's My Law. It's My Law comes entirely from the probation section of Family Law, because all the youth who contributed are on probation. Within the pages of Family Law, are the words, sentences and paragraphs, that directly affect the youth's lives. To create this altered book, the youth were given blown-up pages of the original text and told to alter the pages using the text in any way they desired. The result of the process is powerful-- with diverse approaches and styles. The Art Therapist, Yasmine Awais, and the Teaching Artist, Alfred Planco, who co-led the project, had expecta┬Čtions put through the paper shredder, as the works are complex, mature, and with purpose. Each page conveys a belief, makes a statement, explores. The concept for the cover was designed by the youth and made by Alfred Planco. It's the same style as the original book's cover. All of the artwork in this book uses the original text, with no extra words added. The pages from the probation section of 'Family Court Law' that were not incorporated into this book, were used by the youth in a follow up project where they treated the stack of pages as an object and transformed it into a work of art.

Teaching Artists: Alfred Planco and Yasmine Awais