artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Pieces of Me
Enlightenment of Life
Charcoal on Paper

This project encouraged our advanced participants to explore emotive portraiture with photography and charcoal. The artists photographed the feature of their body or face they felt best represented their identity. Participants then studied drawings by William Kentridge, Chuck Close, Adrian Piper and other contemporary artists. Through this exploration participants learned how to grid small drawings to create large-scale images. As students developed foundational art skills they also exposed compelling feelings in faces and other pieces of the body.
Teaching Artist: Lauren Adelman

This artwork is my profile picture. It looks like a Cherokee Goddess, and you should notice the symbols: The feathers, hair, and hairstyle of my heritage.

I feel this artwork expresses "beauty comes from nature and all natural things." This artwork represents me as a Goddess of a nation, village or country, depicting me as royalty. I used the feather motif to emphasize nature's beauty, which I think is the essential theme of this portrait.

Beauty and darkness are within; however, while darkness can be hidden, beauty never deceives. This is why you can tell good from bad by looking into someone's eyes. I made sure to give eyes some importance when painting my portrait because they set the piece's tone. As you can see, I am deep in thought because there are a lot of things that depend on me right now. The feathers provide the portrait with a carefree quality, which contradicts the actual burden I carry, since a whole lot lies in my hands. I leave it up to the viewer to imagine what I am feeling.