artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Different Eyes / Different Lives
This project is the culmination of a series of smaller projects that included poetry and artmaking explorations as a means of assisting the students with getting in touch with their personal, cultural and social identities. The project began with the creation of an "I Am" poem that utilized metaphor and symbolic language to speak about their lives, hopes and dreams. Following the poetry, students interviewed and recorded each other as part of the storytelling project. The questions asked were about their lives past and present. Building upon the poetry and interviews, the students were introduced to collage and photoshop techniques. Students were taught about how to build a visually unifying and symbolically compelling image.

Special attention was given to assisting them with how to edit and visually transform their stories - a technique often used by artists and designers. Throughout this process, the students came to understand how their identities and experiences were both unique and similar to other students in the program.
Teaching Artists: Cindy Maguire, Erika Heilmann, Jennifer Quigley and Melissa Castro

Artist: Natasha
Digital Print
"My print tells a story of moving from bad and negative experiences to the positive and having hope."