artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Conversation Paintings
Bronx Residential Center - Bronx, NY

In this project, participants explored the collaborative process through the creation of a mixed media piece. The work developed like a dialogue in which the pieces were passed from one resident to another. An artist would work on one painting until they left the facility and then their piece would be chosen by a new member of the workshop. The paintings are conversations between the artists around the concept of letting go and holding on. Through writing exercises and fieldtrips to the Museum of Modern Art the participants created layered and in-depth conversations.

Pictured: Letting Go, by Denzell, Melvin, Tevin and Haymant
Acrylic paint on board, 2'x4'

I want to let go of the pain and let the rain wash it away.
I want to let go of the past but my present never seems to last.
I want to let go f everything that has hurt me and made me cry
You can see in my eyes, read it on my face
Trapped inside are lies of the past that I cannot erase.
I have to let go of my past, and focus on the present.
I want to let go.