artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Circle of Emotions, Cast plaster
Artists (from top center, clockwise):Kelvin, Romeo, Daquan, Amauri, Tevin, Haymant, Julie Novello, Danny, Shaquan, Mr. Joaquin

These cast plaster hands are meant to represent the circle of emotions people experience. They were cast by a group of young men at The Bronx Residential Center. Statements from top center clockwise:

Joy: Joy is all the good times and memories that I have and the way I feel about them.

Excitement: Excitement is when I hope for the best and whatever I hope for, like going home on the right day or getting a cell phone will come true. Talking to my family makes me feel good, like when I'm playing ball and I hope the ball goes in and it does. I feel excitement when I get what I want from people and when I ask someone for something and they bring it to me on Sunday.

Hope: I hope I get out of the BRC, graduate from High school, go to college and have a great life.

Effort: I feel like I put too much effort into stuff that doesn't require that much effort and it is a waste of energy.

Anger: This isn't the life I asked for or hoped for but it is the life I got. I try to be happy, but my family always blocks it. I don't know what to do or where to go. Help me please, why am I so angry?

Dissappointment: There is nothing like being let down; but once we've all fallen, the only way to travel is up.
Failure: Sometimes you just gotta keep reaching and trying to get what you want. I feel like I'm always failing, but I will never give up.

Balance: I don't know how to explain balance because I'm still looking for balance in my own life.

Grateful: As a staff at the BRC and a person I feel very grateful that god gives me the strength and energy to come to work everyday with the hope and faith that at some point I will talk to a youth in our program each day. I expect that one day that kid will remember our conversation and it will help that youth make the right choice and do the right thing and the youth will stay out of trouble and jail. I don't expect all the residents to listen but I am grateful for the opportunity to change at least one youth.