artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Hands Full, at Next Generation Center
Hands Full was 2010's culminating project of Artistic Noise's Art and Entrepreneurship Program. In the first step in each student chose an emotion to represent with their hands and then carved and created a print. In the second part of this project, students used their prints to create large multimedia pieces that expressed aspects of their identity in various materials including pennies, petals and suede.

Pictured: Eating Twizzlers On My Suede Couch, by Fatima, 15
Twizzlers and Suede on Board, 2' x 4'

Purple is my favorite color and red is a very bright color. They are confident colors. This piece reminds me of when I used to sit on my suede couch in the living room eating twizzlers when I was 8 years old. I don't feel as young as I used to and when I think about it I feel sad. I want somebody else's hand to connect to mine because my hands have been lonely ever since I gave them life in suede. Suede is smooth like fur, and that expresses my personality - soft and nice.