artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Portrait Project Dunlevy Milbank Restart GED Program
The Next Generation Center

This project was developed for the Dunlevy Milbank Restart GED program to allow students to learn from German Expressionist woodblock prints while studying World War II in their GED prep classes. This project was such a success last year that we have implemented it again this year at two sites. Some of the young artists that created prints last year created a new self-portrait this year highlighting how they have evolved as a person and grown in the last year. The young artists studied the historical context in which the German Expressionist prints were created and how the events in the world affected the portraits created during this time period. Like the German Expressionist artists, students discussed as a group the issues in society that affect their lives. They then created their own self-portrait prints to further explore these issues.

Pictured: Money In The Rain, by Royal, 17
"My picture shows that being fly and having money is not everything, there is always sorrow. The message that my picture expresses is that just because someone may have everything there will always be something missing in their life. I hope that someone looking at my artwork will understand that money is not something that really makes a person happy."