artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHY ON "HOME"

Art Therapy Program at the New York Department of Probation-Brooklyn KJOP

Students learned the basic principles of photography by building a pinhole camera with a matchbox. Pinhole photography has a dream-like image quality that we used to photograph objects of our workspace in a creative and different way. All the cameras were built and used in groups. Each of these groups experimented arranging objects in the space and taking photos in the surroundings of the building the idea was to create an evocative image using the concept of home. We are constantly bombarded by images produced by the advertising industry. These images tell stories of what our desires and expectations should be. The youth are of particular interest to this industry since it can shape them as consumers from a young age. Students questioned the role of the image in our society and made their own representations of the world.

Teaching Artists: Raul Ayala and Jennifer Kind-Rubin
Youth Artist: Kevin