artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Mural Project 2015:
Who I Am

Art Therapy Program at the New York Department of Probation, Harlem NeON and ECHOES

"Who I am" is a mural that explores the struggle against negative judgments from others and the importance of positive self-affirmation. The face in the mural is filled with shapes. The participants filled the shapes on the right, which are of darker tones, with the judgments and stereotypes that they have experienced in life and which they are most sensitive to. They then filled the brighter shapes on the left with positive statements that they feel are true about themselves and that they want others to know. By expressing the negative and positive statements inside the same face, the youth are expressing the struggle that often goes on inside of them. This concept was conceived of by the students themselves in our initial workshop.
Artists Statement: Brainstorm...Probation...The mix of thoughts...They don't believe in us...They think we're followers...We want to prove them wrong...Different attitudes...Second chances...Choices...Brainstorm

Teaching Artists: Joel Bergner and Karen Codd
Youth Artists: Amira, Antonio, Christopher, Daytwon, Davonte, Jerud, Keon and Tiffani