artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Cardboard Sculpture Project
This project explores sculptural forms through an everyday material, cardboard. As a light flat medium, cardboard can be both challenging, as it can be difficult to manipulate into three-dimensional forms, and rewarding, as it can be built up and out in a variety of scales, shapes, and textures. Our aim here was to bring ideas into form. How can an idea be transformed into the sculptural while acting as a vessel for our individual interests and worldviews? Our young artists used as inspiration everything from words to objects to humor and narratives that responded to each other's projects. Roody's "Magical Gold Sword that I Can't Use" was conceived of to kill Roshane's majestic beheaded lion. Kendrick's vessel flies over Anthony's city neighborhood that glows in the dark, each exploring the notion of flight through unique strategies. Levi's cracked towers rise above the city in two elegant, yet menacing forms. Briana's "Stars from another Galaxy" shine in an abstract construction that is sophisticated both in concept and in form. Lastly, Osiris pays tribute to his friends and his own feelings of loss with a half-eaten cardboard pizza that began, with sharp humor and insight, from the verb "to starve".

Teaching Artists:
Shadi Harouni and Jennifer Kind-Rubin
Art Therapy Program - Brooklyn Probation

Artist: Briana
Title: Stars from another Galaxy
Statement:Stars made in another galaxy.
Things are not always as they seem.
Expect the unexpected.
Unique stars never before seen.