artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond A City United
Mixed Media Sculpture by Youth at Spectrum Detention and Youth Participating in the Boston Arts and Entrepreneurship Program

Youth Artists: Adrianna, Alannah, Alexandra, Calvin, Cassandra, Danielle, Elvira, Emelyn, Felicia, Jaclyn, Jennifer, Lanaisha, Makayla, Mariah, Na-Kenya, Olivia, Rolando, Sarah, Shanice, Shayna, Tamauri, Tashary, Tayasia

Inspired by Romare Bearden's well-known collage "The Block," which captures a Harlem neighborhood, Artistic Noise youth created a block of their own. The block includes elements from neighborhoods across Boston, and highlights the different surroundings in affluent and low-income neighborhoods.

As part of the project, youth participants discussed their hopes and wishes for the future of Boston. Some of the changes our youth feel would make the city a better place are:
- Greater unity between its lower-income communities and its more affluent communities;
- Less violence in all Boston neighborhoods;
- More resources for lower-income communities;
- More diversity in affluent communities;
- More collaboration between all of the neighborhoods within the city.

This artwork was displayed at Wheelock College and the Massachusetts Statehouse.