artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Boston Banners Project
Spectrum Program, DYS Metro Youth Center - Dorchester, MA

The girls at Spectrum created banners that represented their experiences, emotions, and surroundings. This project was inspired by the previous banner projects created in New York and was the result of an intensive two-week art-making program that used collage to create the imagery for the completed banners.

A still moment in time, society shows us the best
But all of society's visions don't happen for most of us
Now I'm walking a path of righteousness
to achieve society's dreams
so I'll never let you down.

Statement by: Minotte, lead artist
Artists: Shakera, Salia, Sarafina, Na-kenya, Bailey, Lusanis, Karena, Curtessa, Haley, Jessica. Lindsey, Melissa, Marissa, Danielle, Justice, Kelsey, Rebecca, Carmen, Makalah, Tiffany, Jessica
Acrylic paint on canvas, 3 banners each 3'x7'