artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond "Service in our coummunity does not only mean to help out others but to keep your environment clean, healthy, less violent and with less prejudice." -Jai-lah, age 14

"My dream is to age out of DYS and never look back. I want to go to college and become a surgeon eventually. I want to do many things. I have a lot of goals. I just can't wait to make them come true." -Jasmine, age 17

My dream is to stop all the violence that happens in this world, for my friends to be mature and for my family to stick together, and my community and country to do the same." -Erica, age 14

"I have a dream that everyone will come together and stop the madness destroying our human race. I also have a dream that we all have the same rights and be grateful for everything we get. Just be grateful, we have something and each other." Tratasia, age 16

"My dream is to get out and never ever come back to this place because I have a baby to take care of." -Ciara, age 16

Portrait Project - Part 2:
Dr. King Portrait
Girls celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King by making a large collaborative portrait of Dr. King on January 19th 2009. After painting, girls were asked to reflect in writing on their own dreams for their futures and for their community, and also to respond to President Barack Obama's call for service to community.