artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Birth of a New Generation

Birth of a New Generation is a collaborative work made by girls in the Spectrum Detention Center and in Artistic Noise's Art and Entrepreneurship Program. The mixed media sculpture represents the power of unity and conveys to viewers that it takes a strong community to make strong individuals. A motif of interconnectedness can be seen throughout the project. For instance, the community features key Boston landmarks among brick buildings and dumpsters because people across the financial spectrum affect each other in many ways. Without the unification of the four hands, the baby would not be able to be lifted up away from harm. The sleeves are painted in colors and ways that convey the types of things our youth would like to see in their communities. The baby is cast in yellow to represent the new generation, new action within the community, and new hope and optimism that the community has for the child's success. It also represents happiness and imagination, which the girls feel are two characteristics that are important for success. Finally, the baby rests in a bed of origami stars. The girls painstakingly created each individual star by first writing a message, wish or hope inside for themselves and their communities. Then the paper strips were folded into stars and placed with the baby to carry into the future.

Teaching Artists: Minotte Romulus and Vanessa Ruiz
Youth Artists : Anika, Cheyenne, Dani, Dynestie, Gloriana, Jada, Jenasis, Jessica V., Jessica M., Jimmaya, Kyara, Latoya, Marthadarling, Nashaunti, Nicole, Payton, Schquana, Selena, Serrina, Shana, Skyiasha, Tuezdae, Yanelissa