artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond One War At A Time

Spectrum Detention Unit, Dorchester, MA and Art, Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Program, Boston, MA

"One War At A Time" is inspired by recent events that speak to the issues of racism and injustice that still plague our justice system. The piece was created by girls in Artistic Noise's studio art classes at Spectrum Detention Center and in the community-based Art and Entrepreneurship Program. Over a series of months the girls conceptualized, designed, and created this painting that represents the issues at hand and expresses their desire for resolution. The painting is broken up into three sections. On the left the police car and young man with his hands up and a sign stating "Don't Shoot" speaks directly to our population's fear of being accused, mistreated, and possibly even being killed without just cause. The lack of detail on the faces allows all viewers to put themselves in the place of our characters. On the right a jury of twelve condemns the accused. The grim reaper takes the place of a judge and below him there is a prison cell holding people who have been condemned, representing the lives of those who have been killed or locked-up unfairly. On the bottom, hands reach up in protest. People want to be heard and understood. On their arms, there are written messages for what the community is seeking -- things such as hope, peace, freedom and vitality. The title, "One War At A Time," represents the constant struggle of our population. People, who, even in this day and age, have to fight for equality and fairness. It relates to prejudice and how we treat one another and shows the world that we want things to change.
Teaching Artist: Minotte Romulus
Wheelock Student Liaisons: Bienvenido Estevez, Kassandra Howard
Youth Artists: Allison , Daniqua, Desire, Dynestie, Fatima, Gloriana, Jaida, Jasmine, Juana, Kayla, Kyara, Latoya, Nasly, Natalie, Nashaunti, Nicole, Marthadarling, Shanice, Shana, Schquana, Skyiasha, Tahlia, Tina