artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Title: 180°
Media: Stop Action Film Animation Using Charcoal Drawings
Youth Artists: Aujhiana, Bobbie, Calvin, Cassandra, Daniela, Fatima, Gia, Gianni, Jada, Jasmine, Kathleen, Kayla, Kyara, Maithe, Mercedes, Nicole, Sammantha, Shana, Shantel, Solinette, Sosarita, Suely, Tamauri, Thaliah, and Tuezdae

Project Description: The youth who created this film have all faced many trials and tribulations through life. In making this project, they wanted to portray something that everyone involved has gone through. As a result, they created a project about a young girl in detention. This young girl gets arrested for selling drugs on the street with her boyfriend. After she serves her time in a juvenile detention facility she realizes that her mother isn't coming to pick her up from the facility. She gets transferred to Independent Living. She decides she wants to change her life and with the help of a therapist she starts to make positive choices. In the end, this young girl decides that she wants to go to college.

The film ends with her graduating from community college and turning her life around 180 degrees.

The youth involved in this project want the viewer to know: "How the community impacts peoples' lives"; "[We all] need to be more open minded about the struggles that teenagers face"; "Your past does not predict your future;" and "It's not just one way, there are a lot of reasons why things end up the way they are!"

Watch the video here!