artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond "Spectrum Life" Photo Essay and Zine Project, Spectrum Detention
Youth Artists: Bianca, Felicia, Jacqueline, Jasminee, Kali, Kay, Mariah, Sonita, Shayna, Yaritza, Yudelka
Photograph by Felicia, text by Shayna

In this project, participants used photography to document life at Spectrum Detention in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The youth artists worked together to take photographs on the unit that describe their daily experience in detention. The resulting images are a unique record of the environment in detention. After taking the photographs, the girls wrote text and worked with Adobe Photoshop to integrate their words into the photographs. In the final step, the girls created a zine that combines the photographs to create a story and give the reader a glimpse into life at Spectrum.