artistic noise: art from the juvenile detention system and beyond Shayla, age 16, The Motherland: 'Heritage.' My family and a lot of other people have overcome many things and come a long way - since slavery and women's right to vote. As an African American Jamaican and Haitian young blossom lady, I decided to transform myself from angry to happy - from bitter to sweet. A person who lashes out on common sense is someone who lacks wisdom and is heading for a road of destruction. I don't want to be that. I may be hated by many, and loved by few, but I'll be respected by all. But in the end I am happy being me. I can accomplish anything.

Sepia Stories on Heritage
Girls created mixed media collages incoporating portraits, landscapes, patterns, art historical references, words and miscellaneous items to address their personal thoughts on race and heritage. The girls spoke and wrote about their work, developing their ability to think critically about themselves and their art.