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History and Mission

"Artistic Noise gave me a voice I never had. When I turned 18 DYS (Department of Youth Services) kicked me out with no knowledge of the real world and Artistic Noise took me in. I think to myself where would I be without Artistic Noise, maybe dead or in jail. If I never got the chance to join, learn and grow I would be going back to a place I never wanted to be. But now when I go back as a mentor to teach, it feels good for the girls to know I was there and I turned my life around and they can do the same with their lives."
-Minotte Romulus, co-founder, former participant and current Board Member and Assistant Director of Artistic Noise Boston

"Artistic Noise is amazing. Our residents who cannot or will not even sit down and attend a group or school will voluntarily participate in Artistic Noise and sit down and express themselves through art."
-Edward Figueroa, Social Worker at The Bronx Residential Center

Artistic Noise is an arts and entrepreneurship program for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. The program provides an opportunity for participants to process and document their lives using the visual arts while learning valuable life and job skills. Through the creation of artwork exploring issues such as self-identity, hope, incarceration, and dreams- along with the exhibition and marketing of their artwork -- the young people involved are empowered by - 1) following a complex project through to fruition; 2) having their voices heard through a visual medium; 3) participating in a collaborative project with their peers and facilitators.

By working with youth both inside the detention facility and back in the community Artistic Noise provides continuity for youth who are often experiencing trauma and upheaval in their lives. The program's flexible structure gives job training to youth who often lack the skills, experience and maturity needed to succeed in standard employment training or job situations. Artistic Noise (formerly Hear Us Make Artistic Noise or H.U.M.A.N.) was founded in Boston in 2001 and developed a New York City chapter in 2008. The program recently established itself as an independent non-profit but previously operated under the umbrella of the Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project (JRAP) at Boston College Law School.

Artistic Noise seeks to affect individual and systemic change within the juvenile justice system by:

Philosophy of Teaching

"Artistic Noise is a great program that allows teens to express themselves in new and creative ways. Painting, drawing, and carving are different forms of art that not a lot of teens are usually exposed to so they sometimes resort to other forms of expression that aren't always positive."
- Fradeline, Teen Curator

We start with the clear understanding that the youth in our program are extremely valuable and have a unique and important perspective on themselves and their communities. Through object-based discussion and critical viewing of contemporary art, students begin to reflect on their own experiences through a different lens. Using a variety of artistic mediums, they explore themes such as friendship, loss, sexual violence, community, freedom, identity and their dreams for the future.

We work to empower the participants with a sense of the creative potential of the arts. Technical skills are taught and emphasized, but the main impetus is to allow for the safe, effective and meaningful communication of life experiences through visual language, and the building of connections to the larger community. Given that many of our participants suffer from abuse and low self-esteem, projects are designed to minimize the possibility of intimidation and to maximize the possibility for creative output and skillbuilding.

We do not avoid dealing with sensitive issues (such as racism, abuse, love, violence, identity, anger, or depression), understanding the participants' need to express difficult emotions in a safe, constructive context. We believe structured artmaking fosters critical thinking and problem solving -- skills that are beneficial to the teens' healthy psychological development. We believe in the strength of both individual projects, which value the unique voice of each participant, and group projects and critiques which develop skills of cooperation, negotiation, and leadership.

Program Descriptions

Artistic Noise is comprised of four core components: Studio Art Workshops in Residential Settings; Art Therapy Workshops; Art, Entrepreneurship and

Curatorial Programs in Community Settings; and Youth Leadership Development.

Metro Youth Services Center/ Spectrum Detainment Center – Dorchester, MA (2001-present)

Brentwood Residential Center- Brentwood, NY (2012-present) partnership with Adelphi University
Leake and Watts Residential Facility – Yonkers, NY (Summer of 2013)
Bronx Residential Center - Bronx, NY (2008-2013)
Brooklyn Residential Center - Brooklyn, NY (2005-2010)
Rikers Island, Rose M. Singer Center – Queens, NY (2008-2009) partnership with The Children’s Aid Society’s LINC Program
Studio Art Workshops, which are provided in juvenile detention facilities and other residential settings, provide youth with a safe and structured environment to creatively express and process complex feelings and share their stories. These weekly workshops bring innovative art activities into lock-up. Projects are designed to involve a variety of traditional and digital media and to span several weeks or months. Themes are chosen to maximize the youth’s interest and involvement over time. These programs regularly involve student volunteers from Adelphi University, Boston College Law School, Columbia University, Massachusetts College of Art, Montserrat College of Art, New York University, SUNY Purchase and Wheelock College, as a way to educate the greater public about issues of juvenile rights, social activism and art education.

Children’s Aid Society’s Next Generation Center – Bronx, NY (2012-present) partnership with the New York City Department of Probation

New York City Department of Probation – Brooklyn, NY (2012-present)
New York City Department of Probation Harlem ECHOES Program – (2013-present)

In partnership with The New York City Department of Probation and The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College Artistic Noise provides Art Therapy for youth involved in probation. Art therapy groups and individual sessions are provided along with assessment, family therapy and outreach services. While all therapy programming is provided by a licensed creative arts therapist who is board certified in art therapy, groups are co-facilitated by an Artistic Noise Teaching Artist. This program combines Artistic Noise's Restorative Justice model with a therapeutic component. Selected participants from these workshops are able to apply for employment through our Community Arts, Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Program.

Boston Arts & Entrepreneurship Program, Earl Center for Learning and Innovation, Wheelock College – Boston, MA

Edwin Gould Academy – Harlem, NY (2012-present) partnership with the New York City Department of Probation and Children’s Aid Society’s LINC program

Children’s Aid Society’s Next Generation Center – Bronx, NY (2008- 2012) partnership with Children’s Aid Society’s LINC Program

Dunlevy Milbank Center Restart GED Program – Harlem, NY (2008-2009) partnership with Children’s Aid Society’s LINC program

City Challenge Center - Brooklyn, NY (2008-2009) partnership with Children’s Aid Society’s LINC program

As youth grow in their art and demonstrate a desire to develop employment skills and competencies, our Art, Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Program offers a unique opportunity for teens to work collaboratively with their peers; curate art shows; and market and sell original artwork and products they have designed. The program begins in September and culminates in June with our yearly exhibit of student work. Along the way, participants develop their creative skills as individual artists and collaborators and their business skills as paid artists, entrepreneurs and curators, gaining knowledge of job professionalism, learning about art world careers, and creating their own art exhibit. Through this highly structured program participants see an extensive planning process through to fruition, encouraging youth to understand the importance of working towards long-term goals.

Before joining the program, youth must first complete a training phase, which tests their readiness to work with their peers and staff in a structured, expectation-driven environment. In addition to creating their own works of art, our young curators also study contemporary art through fieldtrips to both city’s cultural atttractions. As curators, they must select pieces for Artistic Noise’s annual gallery shows, mount the shows and be prepared to explain each piece to the public. As entrepreneurs, the teens are responsible for identifying and creating artwork for use in marketable products, including holiday cards, hand silkscreened t-shirts, and prints. The teens, under our staff’s supervision, price the items, develop marketing plans and then sell the items at venues across the city’s. The proceeds from the sale of their artwork and products benefit the artists and program.

When Artistic Noise was founded we aimed to build a program that the participants could eventually take over. We still believe in this mission and officially piloted our Youth Leadership Development Program in 2012. We have begun to train the participants who have graduated from our various programs to be our future leaders. These young leaders are mentors to our youth, Assistant Teachers and Advocates for youth in the juvenile justice system.

Staff and Board Member Bios


Lauren Adelman
Director/ Co-Founder, Artistic Noise Boston 2001-2003
Director/ Co-Founder, Artistic Noise NY 2008-present
Lauren Adelman is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BFA from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts and a MA in Arts Education from NYU. She co-founded Artistic Noise in Boston in 2001 and New York in 2008. Lauren has also worked as an educator at the Museum of Modern Art since 2006. She currently works in the Community and Access Department at MoMA running partnerships with adults and youth involved in the criminal justice system. Lauren is a licensed Department of Education Teacher and has taught art in many varied settings such as public schools, juvenile detention centers, and non-profit arts organizations both locally and abroad. Lauren has shown her own artwork nationally and has been awarded residencies at The Wassaic Project, Wassaic, NY; Anchor Graphics, Chicago, IL and was most recently a visiting artist at The Artist's Proof Studio in Johannesburg, South Africa. Lauren's own artistic practice explores environmental and social issues through printmaking, drawing, animation and other media.

Cindy Maguire C
indy Maguire is Assistant Professor of Art and Art Education and oversees the Undergraduate Art Education Program at Adelphi University. Cindy is also a practicing artist working in mixed-media, collage and digital media. Before joining Adelphi, she was a researcher in urban arts education at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University. She also taught in New York University’s Art Education Program, where she received a PhD that explored the role of the arts in social justice. Cindy taught visual arts education in the Los Angeles City Schools for over eight years and her research interests include art, peace, and social justice education and service-learning in the arts. As an artist and educator, Cindy is committed to fostering critical thinking, world citizenship, and imaginative understanding through individual and collaborative experiences in the arts. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with the amazing youth involved in Artistic Noise.

Julie Martini
Director, Artistic Noise Boston 2011-present
Julie Martini is a practicing artist and arts educator. Julie earned her Bachelor's in Studio Art at Carleton College and her Master's degree in Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. In addition to working for Artistic Noise, Julie is an instructor at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts. She has also taught at The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Fuller Craft Museum, and Massachusetts College of Art & Design. She has taught and made art with homeless individuals as Artist-In-Residence at the Barbara McInnis House, through the Eliot School and hopeFound at the Kitty Dukakis Treatment Center at Shattuck Hospital, and at Pine Street Inn. She has also been an Artist-In-Residence at the Cancer Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, making art with patients. In 1997, she conceived her first community art project, The AIDS Book. Over the course of nine months she worked with individuals living with HIV to create an edition of 125 handmade books that featured their writings. In her own work, she uses drawing, collage, and other media to explore how science influences society and our ideas about the nature of life. Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibits in Massachusetts and beyond, and she has received residencies at the Petrified National Forest, the Women's Studio Workshop, and the Vermont Studio Center.

Sophia Dawson
Artist in Residence, Artistic Noise NY 2014-present
Sophia Dawson is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She attended the School of Visual Arts and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts in 2010. She recently graduated New York University with her Masters in Visual Arts Administration. Sophia's personal practice aims to educate people on recent history and collective and individual struggles through her art. She has worked as both a teaching artist and muralist on a number of projects throughout New York City. www.ilovewetpaint.com

Shadi Harouni
Artist in Residence, Artistic Noise NY 2014-present

Jen Kind-Rubin MPS, ATR-BC, LCAT
Art Therapy Program Director, Artistic Noise NY 2014-present
Jen Kind-Rubin is a nationally registered, board certified (ATR-BT) and a New York State Licensed (LCAT) Creative Arts Therapist living and working in New York City. She earned her Bachelors degree at New York University (2003). While there, she studied at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, combining her interests in psychology and studio art to create her own concentration. A passion and enthusiasm for this combined interest led her to obtain her Masters of Professional Studies in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute (2011). Jen has long been fascinated with the relationship between art exhibition and self-esteem, exploring the question in her master’s thesis and through the execution of client art shows at several past work sites. Jen has experience working with clients across all demographics, but has always had a particular interest in working with urban, at-risk youth. This focus has guided her professional career through numerous settings in New York, including homeless shelters (Covenant House and The Ali Forney Center), The Door, New York Foundling (foster care), and Brooklyn Leadership (an alternative transfer high school). It is Jen’s belief that we all have a natural resiliency, but sometimes need additional supports to discover where this inner strength lies. Art-making provides this opportunity, externalizing the internal experience, and creating space for self-discovery and empowerment.

Lauren Levine
Artist in Residence, Artistic Noise NY 2014-present
Lauren Levine is an art, yoga and wellness educator. She received her bachelor’s degree in studio art and art history from SUNY New Paltz, in which she immersed herself in studio practice, research and the administrative lens of the professional art world. After working in museum and gallery settings, Lauren actualized her passion to become a yoga teacher. She is a graduate of the Kripalu School of Yoga, a Yoga Alliance registered 500-hour teacher and holds certificates in Yoga Ed.™ and Trauma Yoga. Through her business, Good Life Yoga, Lauren offers community outreach programming, therapeutic yoga for a range of mental and physical health conditions and school-centered programs for faculty and students. Her work in the academic setting led Lauren to pursue a master’s degree in art education at New York University, in which she studies the dynamic relationship between art education and social justice, while formulating and implementing curricula that upholds this doctrine. In addition to teaching arts-based mindfulness programs for Artistic Noise, Lauren maintains a studio art practice focused in painting and photography, leads programs through Good Life Yoga, works as an adjunct professor at Molloy College and is completing her master’s degree at NYU. Lauren strongly believes in the power of art and yoga education as a means to help youth foster critical thinking, personal empowerment, emotional intelligence and social responsibility. She is thankful be working with the inspiring youth that comprise Artistic Noise.

Sergio Perez
Artist in Residence, Artistic Noise NY 2011-present

Sergio Alexis Perez is a Brooklyn-based Artist and Educator who originally hails from Southern California. As a youth he was initially influenced by the unique murals that adorned the highway underpasses of the renowned Chicano Park as well as the various letter styles of Chicano graffiti near his grandparent's home in San Diego, California. Raised by his mother, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, he was also exposed to the myriad tactical symbols, aircraft markings, and symbolism of unit insignia related with her field of work. These influential elements and transient lifestyle motivated and provided Perez with the opportunities to seek out and interact with other graff writers and artists throughout high school and later on in his studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where he received his BA in Arts Education. It was in Boston that Perez began working with youth and utilizing his experience as a means of empowerment and self-esteem for young people. He has continued to work and create in various community centers, public schools, incarceration facilities and arts organizations. Much of his work references both his exposure to military life as well as his indigenous and Hispanic roots in a free-associated narrative style in a variety of mediums. Currently, Sergio teaches art at Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, Queens and continues to paint murals with youth in New York City. Most recently he has completed murals with teens in conjunction with C.A.W. (Creative Arts Workshops for Kids), The State of New York, The Harlem Development Council and the community organization H.O.P.E. in East Harlem.

Minotte Romulus
Artistic Noise Co-Founder/ Youth Participant, Artistic Noise Boston 2001-2006
Artistic Noise Assistant Director and Board Member- 2006-present

Minotte Romulus is an emerging artist, mentor and educator who has collaborated with John Ewing on several large-scale public art projects. She has taught for St. Stephen's Be Safe Program and led projects for Artistic Noise in both New York and Boston. Minotte has spoken at Boston's Cyclorama, The Boston State House, The Cloud Foundation, Columbia University, The Massachusetts College of Art and most recently at The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Annual Conference in Washington DC. Minotte was first involved with Artistic Noise as juvenile delinquent and is now the Assistant Director of Artistic Noise Boston. As a former Artistic Noise participant she offers the young people she works with hope that they can succeed, follow their dreams and that anything is possible.

Laura Schneider
Director, Arts, Entrepreneurship and Curatorial Program (2013-present)
Laura Schneider is an Artist and Educator living in Brooklyn, New York, and is thrilled to be working with Artistic Noise. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Art History and a concentration in Studio Art from Carleton College (2007). After moving to New York and working as an Artist Assistant and Gallery Assistant for a handful of years, Laura returned to school to get a Master’s in Art Education from New York University (2011). She has taught with many arts programs around the city, including Community-Word Project, TRUCE Arts & Media, and Wingspan Arts. Laura is currently working towards her MFA at City College and is excited to be leading Artistic Noise's Art, Entrepreneurship and Curatorial program. Laura holds fast to the belief that art is a living thing, born of our history, enlivened by our humanity, and made powerful by our need for individual expression and social connection.

Board of Directors

Francine T. Sherman, President. Director of the Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project at Boston College Law School and co-founder of Artistic Noise.
Board of Directors, 2001-present

Rebecca Vose, Treasurer and Clerk. Staff Attorney, The Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project
Board of Directors, 2001-present

Yasmine Awais. MAAT, ATR-BC, ATCS, LCAT- Assistant Clinical Professor, Creative Art Therapies Department, Drexel University
Director of Art Therapy, Artistic Noise 2012-2013
Board of Directors, 2013-present

Daren Chentow. Provides mentoring services to girls in the juvenile justice system in Massachusetts and is active in the philanthropic community. She was a recipient of the 2009 Robert F. Kennedy Embracing the Legacy Award.
Board of Directors, 2008-present

Barry Gaither. Executive Director of the National Center of Afro-American Artists.
Board of Directors, 2008-present

Kathryn Jellinghaus. Artist/ Educator, Westwood High School.
Director, Artistic Noise Boston 2006-2010
Board of Directors, 2010-present

Tess Korobkin. Phd candidate in Art History at Yale University
Deputy Director, Artistic Noise NY 2008-2010
Board of Directors, 2010-present

Cullen Malley. Associate Brand Manager with Unilever.
Board of Directors, 2010-present

Noah D. Federici. MBA Candidate at Boston University School of Management
Board of Directors, 2013-present

Minotte Romulus. Artistic Noise Assistant Director, 2006-present
Artistic Noise Co-Founder/ Youth Participant, Artistic Noise Boston 2001-2006
Board of Directors, 2008-present

Ann Tobey. Associate Professor and Director of Juvenile Justice and Youth Programs at Wheelock College
Board of Directors, 2008-present